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Like many children I was passionately fond of drawing, which in my early years, was merely creative scribbles. At art school I learned to draw in the classical tradition—who could resist the salient force and charm of a classically drawn line? But being tied to one way of seeing, or to a style, seems far too limiting; imitation isn’t the only raison d’etre of the art impulse—the art-making process is also one of discovery.

The Salient Stills are a series of small paintings of friends and artists whom I admire with images I find interesting. Juxtaposing a figure with a painting is a way to explore the meaning of an image and how it can change, depending on what comes before it, after it or in proximity to it.

A visit to Paris with my daughter Jaime-Pilar, and grandson Benjamin, provided us a chance to visit old friends and favorite places. In addition it gave me material for a series of small paintings Postcards from Paris.

The genesis of the small paintings—Everything Deserves a Second Glance—is a quote by the artist and writer Anita Albus: “If you wish the whole to refresh your heart you must glimpse the whole in its smallest part.”

The Water Series is a meditation on nature and art—an expression of internal forces rather than a surface recording of the world. The changing light on water constantly forms new patterns and depth of colors and leads to the discovery of new shapes and images. It’s not only taking something that’s three dimensional and rendering it in two dimensions, but also taking the scene at the moment you consider it and transforming it into something new, the painting itself.

In the end what’s important to me is how the work looks, how I experience making it, and how its sensory qualities affects the viewer’s experience of it.


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