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George Antheil

Gives a


and the audience...

Robert Lockwood captures a fascinating madcap genius in a unique moment in his life. The drawings, deftly drawn as observer on the scene, add a fine texture to this tale. It makes me want to learn even more about the mind of this Jersey Boy.

Walter Bernard
The Walter Bernard Consultancy.
In 1983 Bernard and Milton Glaser formed WBMG.
Together, they designed more than100 magazines and
newspapers in the United States, Europe and Asia.

With elegant illustrations and a captivating storyline, Robert Lockwood puts a new — and delightful — light on "The Bad Boy of Music" or "l’Enfant Terrible", whose “Ballet mécanique’’may be, as one critic wrote, the most famous unknown piece of the 20th century.

William Ahearn
William E. Ahearn was vice president and executive edior of The Associated Press, the world's largest news service,
and an executive editor of Bloomberg News.

“George Antheil Gives a Concert” is a delightful book. Robert Lockwood re-creates an exciting event in that luminous period in Paris when Antheil got to hang out with a heavy duty circle of fabulous creative people and compose his magnum opus, Ballet mécanique.

Paul Lehrman
Director, the Ballet mécanique Project. Paul Lehrman was responsible for the modern recreation of George Antheil’s1924 Ballet Mécanique performed at the National Gallery of Art
in Washington, D.C., in 2006.

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